Why I'm Running

I am running because public education is under attack and inadequate funding is the weapon. As a college professor and former K12 teacher, I understand all too well the socio-emotional challenges faced by under-represented students. I have not only taught them, I raised two and I was one.

Community College should be considered to be a viable option for students of all ages and stages, regardless of whether they are on a 4-year degree path or pursuing a trade.

When my father graduated from Los Angeles Trade Tech College in 1979,

community college tuition was free. He went on to transfer to Cal State Los

Angeles and graduated in 1981.

As a trustee I will work to improve recruitment of under-served students, lobby for increased funding for mental health counselors, classified staff and full-time faculty with assurances for diversity in hiring and pathways to faculty tenure.

I am running because I will be the change that I want to see. So if not me, who? If not now, when? and if not for these reasons, why?