Why I'm Running

Welcome and thank you for your interest in our educational system. From the White House to the classroom, public education is under attack. As a career educator and political activist, I’ve seen how this has weakened our community college system - a system already fractured by a history of uneven leadership.

This is the time for bold change that will strengthen our community college system and help us better serve those who need us most.

• We can increase recruitment and graduation rates in underserved communities.

• We can increase diversity in hiring and protect our workers.

• We can, we must, do a better job of PUTTING STUDENTS FIRST.

My hard-working parents instilled in me and my siblings a love of learning and a passion to fight for what’s right. Thanks to them, I’ve proudly dedicated my professional career and political activism to doing just that. I know it won’t be easy, but I look forward to doing the hard work and helping shape a Los Angeles Community College District that serves all people equally!

If, like me, you feel passionate about education and equal rights, I invite you to get involved in my campaign and this November 3 be sure to vote Nichelle Henderson for LACCD, Seat 5!



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